We love Dive Computers.  Why?  Using computers to guide your dive results in a safer dive. Computers track your depth, no decompression time, surface intervals, repetitive dive times at any depth, Oxygen exposure when using Nitrox - and give you more dive time than using tables with a 'square dive profile'.

*NEW* Sherwood Sage Color Computer Console


Aladin A1


Aladin A2


Aladin Sport MX Wrist




Cressi NEON Wrist Mounted Computer


DeepBlu Cosmiq+ GEN 5 Wrist Dive Computer-Lava Red-2018


G2 Computer Wrist Unit


G2C Computer Console w/QR


Galileo HUD Dive Computer w/transmitter


ProFile Computer - Compact Console


Shearwater Perdix AI Computer Bundle


Shearwater Perdix AI Computer Only


Shearwater Perdix Transmitter


Shearwater Peregrine Computer


Shearwater Petrel Dive Computer


Shearwater Teric Wrist Computer Black


Sherwood Computer Download Cable-Amphos


Sherwood Computer Download Cable-Wisdom 3


Sherwood InSight Nitrox Dive Computer with Console


Sherwood Wisdom 3 Pro Pack Dive Computer


SMART + LED Transmitter Only


Wisdom 3 QD Dive Computer w/Compass


Wisdom 4 QD Dive Computer w/Compass