Scuba Courses


Is your Scout Troop into adventure and water sports? We can help you plan your trip to Sea Base including certifying your scouts before you leave.

Discover Scuba

Not ready to make the plunge? Come join us for a fun afternoon to Discover Scuba in a heated pool. If you love it, we'll apply half of your fees to your Open Water Scuba course

LEarn to dive

You know you want to! Always been in love with the water? Are you a Marine Life enthusiast? Open Water Scuba certification enables you to enjoy the "Other" 72% of our earth.

advanced diver

Ready to dive longer? Dive Deeper? Take great underwater photos? Achieving Advanced Open Water certification enables you to advance your diving knowledge and skills.

technical divers

Becoming a technical diver means that you are truly in the upper echelon of divers. Learn how to apply the right skills and knowledge for extended range diving to deeper depths than recreational divers are able to achieve.

Diving Suit